We were all saddened to hear that a scion of Chappy, Dodi Silva, passed away recently. With each passing brick of Chappy’s foundation, we lose some of the integrity of our little island. Chappy really was built upon the backs of the old-timers; much of what we enjoy about Chappy today was shaped by the hands, hearts and minds of those who preceded. Hopefully, their legacy will live on and be renewed through those of us still here. A tough act to follow.

The lights are up along Main street — the colorful ones. I’m glad to see that we haven’t given way completely to the white light dignity, but are staying true to the childhood wonder of the reds, greens, blues and yellows. I have adorned two of my flagsticks with solar powered twinkly lights too. I had intended to festoon four, but the usual 50 per cent attrition rate of online electronics held firm.

I think Christmas is fortunate to occur early in the winter season (though I believe that the date wasn’t negotiable anyway). There is good cheer that permeates this season, but I’m not certain it would survive the disgruntled gloominess of February. It is far easier to offer a smile to a neighbor before said smile has been blown off one’s face by freezing winds. I, of course, am cheerful year round — but as we all know by now, I am an exceptional fellow.

I gave gifts to the Chappy ferry crew of high-quality RACL (Chappy Golf) swag. I left the price tags on the merchandise so that there could be no doubt just how generous I was being. I’ve given cookies and caramels and other goodies in years past (and they have been appreciated for sure) but perhaps because I feel that I have overstuffed myself on sweets this December, I feel that I must save others a similar fate. Again, I am exceptional.

I had considered caroling this year with my cat Alphonso, but feared that caterwauling might be blamed on my innocent feline. Plus, he’s at an age now where he would prefer to limit his exposure to me in public. The teenage years.

Finally, I want to wish everyone a peaceful and happy holiday. We all suffer in our own ways, so the opportunities to rejoice are to be embraced for sure. Peace.

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