Away in a hotel, no crib for a bed, a giant six-foot stuffed Teddy Bear named Obie raised his sweet head. The stars in the Vineyard sky looked down where he yawned. The rest of his bear friends, Chappy, Edgar and Tisbeary, lay asleep until dawn.

No crying Obie made as he walked to the Harbor View Hotel porch. He was beat, but determined to see more this year than just the Teddy Bear Suite.

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas in Edgartown, the bear started to sing, but then a voice from the dark cut him down to the mark.

Fat chance big bear, said the voice very near. The ghost of Christmas past? the bear turned to ask.

Let loose the angels, elves and talking snowmen. — Alison L. Mead

No, it’s Bob Carroll, and don’t give me any sass. He led the bear down the steps of the hotel and caught him when he fell.

Where are we going? Obie asked with a bit of fear. I want to see the Minnesingers right here, and also Brian Ditchfield tell tales of Wales with an Island spin to his prose.

Bah, humbug, Mr. Carroll said. Follow me to find out where this holiday really goes. After all, I used to own this town and I know how it flows.

And so the two walked off into the night. It was quite a sight in the evening light, a big furry bear and a man in his 90s. They held hands as they walked down Summer street. Not something you see every day, except maybe in August, so they say.

They first passed the Chappy ferry entrance where Obie begged to go. The sleigh rides are Saturday and Sunday, all the way out to Cape Pogue. But Mr. Carroll shook his head, so onward they tread. Past Murdick’s Fudge, open house all weekend, Mr. Carroll said, and the Edgartown Cinemas showing holiday movies all decked out in red.

Federated Church lights the way. — Mark Alan Lovewell

The mini-park on Main street was bare, but on Saturday at noon the crowds would stand there. They would eat clam chowder and proclaim the best. Then it would be off with zest to St. Andrew’s Church, where the Plum Hill School Elves’ Faire would once again put parents to the test.

Sure, we’ll come back then, Mr. Carroll said to the bear who kept asking when, when, when. But first we have something to do, so walk beside me, paw to shoe.

They passed the Old Whaling Church, where on Saturday at 4 p.m. the Minnesingers, high school singers extraordinaire, would resume their perch.

Time for a story? Obie asked with a bit of worry as they passed the Noepe Center for Literary Arts, and then the Bad Martha Brewery. How about a beer? the bear whispered in Bob’s ear.

But Mr. Carroll marched on, past the museum’s Jewelry Jingle, where all were still a tingle with a recent big grant, and then a detour to the Edgartown School, where on Saturday the parade would gather and chant. Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas they would all cheer when they paraded through the town starting at 11 a.m.

Then Obie cried tired and asked for a horse-drawn carriage to be hired. Mr. Carroll remarked, you know some idiot Gazette reporter counted all these steps last year. You’re barely at 410, so get out of my ear.

The pair walked on, Mr. Carroll upbeat, the bear looking for a seat. But then they came to a stop and Mr. Carroll gave a short hop. This is it, he said, let’s have a sit.

Obie looked around and thought the spot quite unsound. They were in a graveyard and although he looked hard, Obie couldn’t see anything to be found that looked like Christmas in Edgartown.

Where are the elves, the toys on the shelves, the hot chocolate and long Santa wait? Where are the singers, the bell ringers, the lights all aglow and shoppers on the go? This place is dead, really, really dead, and it’s a place I’d rather not tread.

Mr. Carroll nodded and for a minute said nothing. Then he gestured to the headstones, and said those are not just full of bones. Before we two walked hand in paw, this was their world, he said in awe.

They built this town, and so every year about this time I come around. It’s not on any tour, not even the Bah, Humbug walk, and to no one do I usually give this talk. But because you are new and a bear, I will say with care that for me no Christmas in Edgartown is complete without taking a seat right here, to give thanks every year.

Obie grew quiet then, and threw a stuffed arm around Mr. Carroll’s shoulder. And as the moon shined down on them, they heard a sound that started out small but kept growing bolder. It was the voices of the Vineyard, past, present and future, all singing as one, in tune and sounding quite super.

And the bear and the man joined in, lending their varied voices to the chorus, Merry Christmas in Edgartown, and to all a good night.

For a complete list of Christmas in Edgartown weekend activities, including Obie the bear’s whereabouts, visit Mr. Carroll is not on any tour, but say hello if you see him around town.