In the how to make a turkey smile category, Slow Food MV in conjunction with Cayuga Duck Project is cooking up a whole lot of ducks on Sunday, Nov. 23, at the Agricultural Hall in West Tisbury. Perhaps folks will get a taste of this other fine feathered fowl and Thanksgiving won’t be such a bummer for turkeys.

The meal will consist of a three-duck tasting menu — the Cayuga, the Khaki Campbell and the Muscovy — all grilled to perfection, and a side duck dish, a salad of duck, and then several rounds of duck, duck, goose for dessert. Just kidding on the last one.

There will also be featured speakers and chefs discussing their favorite type of duck and how to cook it. Rebecca Gilbert of Native Earth Teaching Farm will share her experience in raising the Cayuga, the Khaki Campbell and the Muscovy ducks this last season. Jefferson Munroe of the Good Farm will also talk about his experiences in raising ducks.

Chefs include Michael Brisson of L’ étoile, Dan Sauer of 7a Farm & Restaurant and Christian Thornton and Noah Kincaide of Atria. Dining will be at community tables and the food served family style, with china service place settings and a wine bar.

Tickets are $37 per person.

For tickets and more information, visit