Four new oyster farms could be coming soon to Menemsha Pond, which already hosts six aquaculture ventures.

Chilmark selectmen took steps to establish four new bottom grants for growing oysters at their meeting Tuesday. An initial proposal called for just one new grant, but that was expanded when the board realized there was enough demand.

Shellfish constable Isaiah Scheffer had identified two possible new locations for oyster grants, but selectman Jonathan Mayhew said that the locations could interfere with summer boat traffic. He suggested putting new grants on the eastern side of the pond, an idea that was quickly taken up by the rest of the board.

Selectman Warren Doty said that Edgartown’s shellfish bottom grants, which have led to about a dozen thriving oyster farms on Katama Bay, was a model.

“It took years for the Edgartown guys to get going, but now they’ve shown that it works for [those] 25 guys, more or less,” he said.

State approval is needed in order for the grants to move forward.

In other business, selectmen approved the dates for bay scallop season. Commercial bay scallop season in Chilmark will open Nov. 3 for Nashaquitsa Pond and a portion of Menemsha Pond. On Dec. 1, the entire pond will be opened. Volunteer incentive season opens Oct. 27, and recreational oyster season opens in Tisbury Pond Nov. 1.

Mr. Scheffer said that as of now the scallops in Quitsa were relatively small.

“But the eyes are nice,” he said, estimating that right now scallopers could get 8 pounds per bushel. “I think by November it’ll be nine to 10 pounds a bushel.”

The board also moved forward with a plan to relocate the crosswalks at Beetlebung Corner and put a dirt sidewalk along a portion of State Road as well as the corner of State and South road. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has offered to put granite curbing along the sidewalk. In order to move forward with the crosswalk relocation, the board is requesting that the state change the speed limit from 25 miles per hour to 20 miles per hour, to comply with sight line regulations.

November 3 marks the return of The Food Truck, the popular off-season venture started by Josh Aronie last year. Mr. Aronie will again be serving up rosemary fries, chicken sandwiches, and falafel (among other items). Last year, The Food Truck was stationed outside the Chilmark Store. This year, the board approved a second location: the Home Port. Mr. Aronie has permission to operate in either location from Nov. 3 to May 2.

Mr. Doty commended the town on the organization of a recent workshop for prospective homeowners in the Nab’s Corner community housing project. Four lots will be awarded via lottery, which is scheduled for December. There are currently 14 applicants for the lots.

“The staff members and the housing committee, everybody had the lottery process completely defined,” he said. “We had two banks represented to talk about how you get a mortgage, and I just thought it was a really good meeting and a really good process.”

In other business, the board approved members of a screening committee to select a new police patrolman, and granted Vineyard Haven resident Gary Demers a hunting permit to be used at Fulling Mill. They appointed Alison Mead and Linda Thompson to serve as Chilmark representatives to the cultural council. Selectmen voted not to apply for a deadline extension for Federal Emergency Management Association disaster relief funding. After Hurricane Sandy, the town had applied for disaster relief funding to rebuild the Squibnocket Beach revetments. The disaster funding is unrelated to the Coastal Zone Management grant the town plans to use for work on Squibnocket.

The board unanimously approved waiving a usage fee for the community center so the West Tisbury School fifth graders can host a spaghetti supper fundraiser. The fundraiser will help pay for a class trip on the Shenandoah.

Earlier this year selectmen had proposed creating a fee schedule for using the community center, but “no decisions have been made,” selectman Bill Rossi said. “We got a recommendation, and we’re taking it under advisement.”

“I think what we need is a definition of nonprofits, and certain ones in certain categories that are for fundraisers for schools,” Mr. Doty said.

“I think perhaps we didn’t say that clearly the first time,” Mr. Mayhew said.