Richard Limber describes his artistic journey as beginning “with my mother’s effusive praise.” Always a good place to start, but then there was that stint in art school in Nova Scotia. Ah, the cold, cruel world.

“I was considered ‘unteachable’ by the head professor, who was a rigid conceptualist, who had a pronounced hostility for a young, arrogant, figurative prima donna.”

To heck with the rigid conceptualists, doesn’t everyone feel that way? Mr. Limber does, and from then on he looked to other artists for inspiration, and the wider world.

Mr. Limber states that his work is always a reaction to something — a face, a body, an image in a newspaper. “Another source of material has been stills from experimental movies from the fifties and sixties.”

This Sunday, August 31, from 1 to 6 p.m. Mr. Limber will host an open house at his home and studio, located at 184 R Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs. Jane McTeigue, Hugh Phear and others will also be showing their work there.

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