Lean and mean
how Walter comes across
no credit
That’s how they
run the place
He won’t fix junk and
shies from stuff
he didn’t sell you
If he don’t like it
he’ll tell you
to your face

An Island sportsman
a hunter in his heart
Respects the woods
the forests
and the glens
A fixture at the
Woodsman Competitions
A fierce companion
a true and
honest friend

That’s how folks know
ole Walter Ashley
Tall and lanky
workin in his island
fixit shop
With Connie
there behind the counter
they keep those
chain saws buzzin
Log splitters hardly
have to stop

I just heard that
Walter’s in the hospital
I heard the prognosis wasn’t
all that good
I never take much stock
in idle gossip
Maybe he’ll soon be back
to choppin wood

Maybe he’ll soon be
shootin white tails
Maybe he’ll be at
this summer’s Ag Hall fair
Maybe he’ll be in
his greasy workshop
grinding chains and swappin
huntin tales

If by chance
he misses deer week
If by chance Walter
can’t be there
If he’s absent
at the County Fair grounds
You can bet his spirit
always will be there

Men like Walter Ashley
are a blessing
Direct straightforward
Island guys
Island women stand hard
and fast among them
Honesty burns
within their independent eyes

I’m proud to say my family
lives here
I’m proud to know Walter
and the rest
Long live the timeless
Spirit of the Vineyard
Long live Walter
one of the very best