Phyllis Dunn has been taking photographs for years, but it wasn’t until the fall of 2011, when she retired and moved to the Island, that she turned photography into a full-time hobby.

“I love to be outside. I love the beauty from Edgartown on up to Gay Head,” Ms. Dunn said.

On Saturday afternoon, the Chilmark Library hosted an exhibit of Ms. Dunn’s photographs. It featured landscapes photographed both on and off the Island shot on film with a Canon Elon.

Her work has been exhibited in Connecticut, where she was a member of the Norwalk Camera Club, and on the Island at Anchors, Featherstone, Vineyard Haven Library and the Friends of Family Planning Art Show.

“The Island is just full of variety in landscapes — hillsides, meadows . . . you can’t possibly not find something that’s beautiful here,” she said.

The exhibit at the library will hang all month. Ms. Dunn’s photographs will be sold at Featherstone’s flea and fine art market this summer.