Travel up-Island nearly any night of the week and you’ll find folks engaged in all types of artistic expression at the Pathways Gathering Space at the Chilmark Tavern. Brainchild of artist and choreographer Marianne Goldberg, the project essentially offers space, support and encouragement to choreographers, dancers, writers, singers, artists and poets of every variety. For years now each winter Pathways transforms the Chilmark Tavern into the meeting place for the artists and for those who come to enjoy and appreciate their work.

On Jan. 31, a music jam is scheduled from 7 to 9 p.m. Pianist Matt Stamas will play host with guest George Davis, and musicians, composers, singers and songwriters are invited to come and share their work. On Saturday, Feb. 8, Alex Karalekas and Erich Luening will host the collaborative music jam.

A celebration of the Cleaveland House Poets, founded by author, playwright and poet Dionis Coffin Riggs, will take center stage on Tuesday, Feb. 18, from 6 to 9 p.m. The group recently published an anthology and almost all of the poets featured in the book will be at Pathways to read their works. William Waterway from the Cleaveland House Poets will lead the soldiers of sonnets.

All Pathways events are free and open to all, and light refreshments are served. Besides the regularly scheduled performances, there are resources at the Pathways Gathering Space available to artists and creative performers.

To find out more about this artists’ collaborative and see a full schedule, contact Tanya Augoustinos at 917-378-0662 or, or visit