’Tis Christmastime and so St. Nick
Had packed his sacks in his bailiwick
At the snowy Pole, and was on his way
To give out gifts for Christmas day
To deserving folk the world around
Among them here in Vineyard Sound
Are those who live on this Island fair
So surely a spot without compare
If folk who live here would take care
To preserve its fields and trees and flowers,
Its dunes and bluffs and leafy bowers,
Its woods and ponds and moors and shore,
Its elegant homes from days of yore,
Its rural roads that wind a bit
Though they may give speeders a little fit
Its picturesque bridges and winding roads
That no longer pass state highway codes
But the Vineyard still — for a little while
Remains a place that quite beguiles
Princes and Presidents and their like
And outdoor folk who like to bike,
And yachtsmen and fishermen are here, too,
And Coast Guardsmen — that valiant crew
Who aid those folk who put out to sea
Whenever there’s an emergency.

With them in mind, Nick told his deer
That for Menemsha they should steer
And make it a landing place this season,
He gave to the reindeer as his reason
That a new boathouse is being built
Of concrete so it will not tilt
Or burn as the last one did, but, of course
In addition to concrete to reinforce
T’will have a red roof and sides of white
And will fit in nicely at Menemsha Bight
And he said to Blitzen and to Donner
While he gave out gifts there’d be beach to wander
Rich in seaweed delights for the reindeer crew
There’d surely be Irish moss to chew
At the end of their flight to Martha’s isle,
So off Nick flew and in a short while
With good strong winds behind the sleigh
He reached Menemsha this very day
With all of his presents for young and old.

For Peggy Freydberg was a pen of gold
For writing more verse as she likes to do
Even now that she’s passed one hundred and two
And reached 105 and is still going strong.
Then for Sandy Turner was a game of Mah-Jongg.
There was for Don Groover a new guitar pick
And old Oak Bluffs photos for Douglas Ulwick.
While Jamie Alley got mushrooms for soup
And Lynn Merry’s chickens when out of their coop
Now have coats of armor to shield them from hawks
And for Barbara Shriver there were better locks.
There was rich manure for Rebecca Gilbert.

And for Tom Thatcher there were filberts.
For Martina Thornton was a St. Vincent trip
And Bridget Tobin got her own sailing ship.
There was catnip aplenty for Jim Morse’s cats
And then Leah Smith, who likes big summer hats
Got a Mexican sombrero that will shade her just fine
When she works in the garden in summertime.
There were paint brushes for Allen Whiting
While Jonathan Revere for his fine writing
Got a book contract — and they’re so rare.
For George A. Hough when he enters the fair
With his fat buds of garlic, there was a blue ribbon
While Jerome Kohlberg got a full set of Gibbon
To keep him busy on wintry nights
When such meaty books are sure delights.
Then Kermit Freund who likes to fish
Got a Derby win and for Chuck Minnich.

There was a new mower to keep lawns trim
That seemed to St. Nick like a good gift for him.
For Richardson, Jim was a trip to Peru
To dig for rare objects, ancient not new.
Aline Merna’s Oscar the dog
Got a good warm coat when he goes for a jog.
There were Kona beans for Christy, Todd
Then for Joanie Ames was something odd
At least for a Martha’s Vineyard yard
She got a zebra, with stripes. of course,
While a Picasso painting was there for Chris Morse,
Harriet Harrison got ice skates new.
And for Mary Jane Pease there was a yew,
While for Ralph Packer and for Patti Linn
There was fireplace wood to fill a bin.
Then Lorraine Clark and Alley, Kerry
Got bells and bows to make them merry
After all their years filling Stockings Red.
Isaac Silber-Parr got a sleek new sled
To whisk down hills when there’s snow about.
He’s sure to like that, without a doubt.
And Marjorie Peirce got a brand new car
To take her near and to take her far
To visit clients and dig for carrots
While Edie Blake got two new parrots.

Anita Cimeno for her palm tree tall
Got a coconut, while for Magid, Paul
Was a dashing hat for birding jaunts
That take him to exciting haunts
With Susan Whiting and Harrington, Flip
Who got for their birders quite a trip
To Oceania — while Nancy Nitchie
Got her own chauffeur — that’s really peachy
Then Robert Cleasby got a brand new mike
While for Jayden Robinson — that cute tyke
Were blocks to play with on the floor
And for Owen White, for his new front door
Was a bright brass knocker while Dale McClure
Got a new backhoe to delve and dig
When he works on projects that are big.

While Santa searched inside his sleigh
For just the right gifts to give away,
His reindeer were down at Menemsha beach
In search of seaweed they could easily reach.
They found kelp brown and some kelp green
And they set to work grazing and quit the scene,
But St. Nick, in the sleigh was still on the dock
With a mound of clover to feed the sheep flock
Of Clarissa Allen and Al Healy’s, too,
And then there was for the Coast Guard crew
Holly and ivy and Christmas lights
To make their quarters a merry sight.
And a sparkly snowflake just like a star
That gleams in the night and is seen from afar
Was in Santa’s sack for Shari Foiles
And then there were for Rez Williams oils
For all the fine paintings that he makes
While for Judy Worthington who bakes
The tastiest pies for which one might wish
Was a silver pie server and a serving dish.
And for Brian Athearn was a bigger freezer
Just the right size to make freezing easier
For venison burgers and venison steaks
While Kathy Kendrick got some pancakes.

Then for Kathy Morris were Broadway tickets
And Cathlin Baker got repaired church pickets.
While for Zeke Williams there was a new ladder
And Gus BenDavid got a puff adder.
The Robert Ganzes got a troop of elves
To work at night to fill their shelves
With the glass and china, papers and books
That are in their house and their barn’s nooks.
Then Maddie LeCoq got a new mountain bike
And Aushra Galley the snow she likes
For skiing on New Hampshire slopes
After going up on the tow ropes.
Then the Albert Fischers for their new home
Got a sizeable load of garden loam
And Isabel Engley got fuschia paint
To make her birdhouse look quite quaint.
Then Chantal Hanavan got a frilly apron
’Tis sure to appeal to every patron
Of French Accent Catering that is hers.
And then there were for that fine nurse,
Lorraine Eldridge, trips to Nantucket
While Gerald Caton got a fire bucket
To help quench fires in Chilmark town
While Jason Olsen got snow boots brown
To keep him warm in Portland town
When he goes there to his next post

And then there was a genuine ghost
For Karen Altieri and Gary Cook
They’ll see him if they carefully look,
Settled beneath the Pagoda tree,
A friendly ghost one need not flee.
George Hartman got a ticket to Mars
(That’s much more interesting than old cars.)
Then Marshall Carroll got new deck shoes
And George Szilassy two Subarus.
For Riley Deeble was a Morris chair
And Nan and Warren Doty got a trip by air
To a dancing vacation off somewhere.
And Chrysal Parrot got silk for her dresses
While there was a bow for Clover Briggs’s tresses
And Mark Montgomery got rice
So he could cook something very nice
That would, indeed, be a taste delight
That would put him right in the limelight
On the Iron Chef show on television,
While Betty Joslow to improve her vision
Got new reading glasses so she can read more
While Peter Barnes got swims at the shore
Near the Inkwell beach where he likes to go

And then there was, for Bob Pacheco,
A nice vacation far from his store
Where there was no beef or lamb anymore
Or chickens or turkeys or veal chops or ham,
Just vegetables, fruits and blackberry jam,
And beaches to bask on so he could rest
(Although he seems always to be full of zest,)
Then for Jim Morgan was a new whittling knife
While Steven Tully got a fife
To play at weddings — they’re so nice.
Then Madelyn Alwardt got a Teddy Bear
That really will not require much care,
Just lots of love and a pillow warm
And a mistress who’ll do him no harm.
Then Tricia Bergeron got a loaf of sweet bread
And Chilmark Chocolates were for Meinelt, Ted.
While a bouquet of roses was in Santa’s sack
For Runner, Faith, and a knickknack
For Jennifer Goeckel for her new house
While Martha Moore got a silky blouse,
And Susie Burnshaw got a rake for her pool
Then for Rick Huss was a sweater of wool
To keep him warm on wintery days.
And for Myrtle Case there was some lace,
For the sewing she does with such good grace.

Dave Tuminaro got a London ticket
And Kevin Kerry not a sticky wicket
But a new croquet mallet to perfect his game
Though he always takes most excellent aim.
For Emily Kennedy fresh from a farm
Were carrots and turnips and parsnips to charm
Any vegetable eater which she surely is
Since with her new juicer she’s really a whiz
At making a veggie a tasty delight,
She’s becoming a chef, which is quite all right.
Then Richard Paradise got films exciting
And Renee Vicara a quill pen for writing
And Steffie DaRosa some gluten-free treats.
While for Sam Alley were Red Sox seats.
While Brianna Sullo got some kale.
And Liza Vogel who sorts mail
Got rainbow henna for her hair
Of which she takes exceptional care.

Then for John Fetters was a Doc Seuss book
While his brother, Sam, who likes to look
At Star Wars films got all he likes,
And then of course, there were some bikes
For Xing Senna and Anabelle Brothers,
And, naturally there were some others.
For Sandy Hill there was a recliner
And there’s no gift that could be finer
And then Ted Box for his boat, Seeker,
Got a brand new home where he can keep her
Until she’s ready to leave the ways
Though it still may be a great many days.
For Barbara Child there was ivy and holly,
Early law school admission for Tiffany Smalley;
Good health and red roses for Vanderhoop, Anne.
And Santa had tiles for Denys Wortman
For the M.V. Museum above the Lagoon
Where work will be starting sometime very soon.
There were dancing shoes for Barbara Day
And for Peter Palches’ Civil War play
Attentive watchers when it’s put on stage
Who really will make his work the rage.

Then Shirley Dewing got skeins of yarn,
And for Cristal Ewart who is full of charm
Were delectable cookies this Christmastime
While for Tom Dresser who writes all the time
When not driving the school bus all around
Was a new tale to tell of the Middle Ground.
Then Amos Sauer and Waylon, too,
Who don’t mind cold where you may turn blue
Got dogsleds for travel in snowy climes
And the Jim Coynes got melodious chimes
That ring by the door when the wind is right
And welcome guests to the beautiful sight
Of their garden in bloom in summertime
For Marcello Santil and his Elaine
Was a bushel of joy and more of the same
For Shirley Mayhew and Fronzie Conlin
And then there was for Rob Hambandzumian
An electric train for beneath the tree
While for that Powell named Rosalie
Were sugar and spice for her baking need
And there was a kitten for Alison Mead
While Maya Sharp got a horse of her own
And there was, of course a meaty bone
For Suzanne Kennedy’s bouncy dog
While Ebba Hierta got a Yule log.

Then for Betty Eddy there was a giraffe
That surely will make all her neighbors laugh
As it eats the leaves in her backyard,
While in Santa’s sack for that jolly bard
Joseph L. Eldredge was a book of rhymes
(It really will save him lots of time.)
For Graham Smith there was Belgian beer;
For Nelson Bryant a big deer.
For Nancy Whipple there was eggnog rum
And for Charles Young there was also some.
Then Noah Block from Santa’s sack
Got the very latest Farmer’s Almanac
To keep him abreast of rain and snow
And when there’ll be a frightful blow
Across the Island, far and wide
Although he mainly stays inside
He likes to know what’s in the air
And then there was for her armchair
A comfy cushion for Hilda Backus
While for Peter Boak who’s so melodious
Was a concert hall for all his choir
That sends its audiences all afire.
Then Katherine Meisner got lobster bisque
Although she’s little she takes the risk
And gobbles it up as if it were candy.
Then Evelyn O’Brien got something dandy
Since she is now one hundred and three:
She got her very own Christmas tree.

By then the reindeer had had their fill
Of tasty seaweed and they’d bypassed the krill.
They’d eaten seaweed of every sort
And they knew, of course, there were many ports
In many nations the world around
Besides the ports in Vineyard Sound
Where they must go with toys and games
And mistletoe and candy canes
And running shoes and floral bouquets
And bicycles and Hawaiian leis
And all the gifts that Santa takes
O’er oceans, mountains, deserts, lakes
To make the holidays sublime
Each year when it is Christmastime.
So off on high they went once more
Up over the boathouse they did soar
And Santa looked down in his jolly way
And wished the Coast Guard a merry day
And all Vineyarders he had come to see
Wherever on the Island they happened to be.