By the time you read this (and by “you,” I mean the 12 people who read my column), you will have already given all your thanks, and will busy doing things that you may not be as thankful for anymore. But allow me to give my Chappy thanks anyway.

Thanks to Peter Wells, Sally Snipes, Eric, George, Maddie, Keith, Brad, Charlie, Jeff, Becca, Bob, Liz and the multitude of deckhands for not only allowing us safe passage to the other side and back, but doing it with grace, humor and efficiency.

Thanks to the wind for reminding me of my station in life. I am humbled by your roaring presence.

Thanks to the sand for softening the landscape and filling in the spaces in between.

Thanks to the crows for entertaining my days with their community chatter and haphazard hopping.

Thanks to the Chappy community at large for preserving its access, expansiveness and beauty.

Thanks to Sonya, my mail lady, for driving all the way down North Neck (with a smile) just to deliver the 17th J Crew catalog of the month.

Thanks to the garbage guys, the electricians, the plumbers, the dock builders who do the dirty work under houses, in crawl spaces, in the muck and in the cold seas. I appreciate the effort and recognize the knuckles beaten by barnacles, thorns, hammers and splinters.

Thanks to the Gazette for allowing me this forum to vent, celebrate and chastise.

Thanks to my golfers for appreciating the simple beauty of manual labor and careful attention to nature.

Thanks to my wife Arlene, and my family for soothing the seas of my soul that sometimes get frothy.

And thanks to my cat Alphonso for his unconditional love, even when he feels like slapping me.

Thanks Chappy.