Chappaquiddick residents are a step closer to getting cable service, with more than the required number of residents signing preliminary agreements with Comcast.

Under a long-negotiated agreement between the town of Edgartown and Comcast, 270 Chappaquiddick residents had to sign commitment letters indicating their interest in getting cable service by October 1.

Chappaquiddick resident Woody Filley said he heard last Friday from town administrator Pamela Dolby that 278 commitment letters had been submitted to Edgartown National Bank by Friday afternoon. He said a few people may still send in letters, so there won’t be a final count until after the deadline.

The early commitment letters asked residents to sign up for two years of at least minimum level service from the company. Each dwelling will be required to pay $2,139 in construction costs to get service, as well as any additional costs needed to get service to their homes.

After the commitment letters are submitted, Comcast will begin a survey process that will allow estimated costs to be sent to residents by March 1. Residents will have until July 1 to pay their portion if they choose to do so — the commitment letters are not binding, Mrs. Dolby has said.

Cable service will come to the island if 270 people end up paying the required amount and any additional fees.

“I think everyone who has been working on this is grateful and pleased with the support from the Chappy community,” Mr. Filley said in an email to the Gazette. “We are very appreciative for all the time and effort Pam Dolby has put toward getting us past this first phase, and for the support of the selectmen and town. We would also like to recognize the support given to us by Mary O’Keefe from Comcast.”