They came bearing shovels and spades, clad in their swimsuits to participate in the Sand Sculpture Contest at South Beach on Wednesday. The annual event is sponsored by the Edgartown Board of Trade, and bestows upon participants prizes for the best sand sculptures in both junior and adult categories.

Out of 73 participants the winners are as follows.

Adult Category

First Place: Alice Marshal and Grace Moore

Serpent swallowing MV

Second Place: Gabriel, Garrat, Anna and Brandon


Third Place: Brett, Shayla, Skylar and Amber Wingate


Junior Category

First Place: Felix, Estelle, and Jeanne Mauffette-Whyte

Shark Pool

Second Place: Aidan and Ashleigh Silvestro


Third Place: Carolyn, Leah and Mitchell Breakstone and Jesse Rudnick

Fenway Park

People’s Choice

Adult: Wener Family

Game of Scones

Junior: Felix, Estelle, Jeanne Mauffette-Whyte

Shark Pool

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