Connected. Privileged. Honored. Thankful. Full.

Those were a few of the words the Chilmark School fourth and fifth grade class used in their class blessing at the school’s community lunch Friday afternoon. The lunch was the last of the school year in a series of gatherings organized by Island Grown Schools and volunteers.

“It’s all their harvest,” chef Robert Lionettee said from the kitchen window at the Chilmark Community Center. Earlier students collected, lettuce, pea shoots and radishes for the lunch. The main course included quinoa, asparagus, braised greens and Beetlebung Farm beef. Strawberry jam bars were served for dessert.

Students were arranged according to vegetables, and seconds were plentiful at the radish table.

“Look there’s more beef,” Charlotte Scott exclaimed.

“Could I have some more?” Oona Carroll asked hesitantly before cleaning her plate.

A small group of students helped prepare the meal, but Mr. Lionette reminded the filled room that the entire school contributed.

“The amount of food you harvested from you garden was amazing,” he said. “The quality and the flavor of the vegetables was crazy and a lot of fun to work with.”

The guests of honor for the lunch were members of the Vineyard Sound, the all male acappella group, which performed four songs in their first performances of the season. The college students sat with the students during lunch before giving their first performance of the season. Singer Peter Baiser from Skidmore College gave the kids a wave during Run Around Sue as they danced in their seats.

The acapella group later returned to the Chilmark School with the students to teach them a few tunes.