On Sunday Featherstone Center for the Arts celebrated Lucy Vincent Beach with its own art reception. The party marked the opening of an exhibit that runs through May 8.

The show came into being after artist Linda Ziegler surveyed the damage done to the beach by Hurricane Sandy and wanted to find a way to honor what has long been a favorite Vineyard destination.

Lucy Vincent represented even in the abstract. — Ivy Ashe

“After the storm we all knew the coastline had been devastated,” she said. “It’s completely changed.”

Works by more than 60 artists are on display.

“We’ve got a diversity of arts paintings,” said Ann Smith, executive director of Featherstone. Mediums included oil, monotype, watercolors, acrylic, taxidermy, giclee print, poetry and bonkei — the art of portraying nature on a tray with clay, stones, pebbles, sand and plants. There were nearly 120 submissions.

In preparation for the show Jim Langlois created six works. In one painting the familiar protrusion carved out by Hurricane Sandy is covered in shadow. The painting also depicts the controlled burns the Nature Conservancy carries out on the Island to promote native plant growth. In the background large swaths of white smoke rise into the air.

Uta Kloss exhibited a photograph in a wood frame that contained a shelf holding three rocks she found on the beach. She changed the color of the photograph from orange to gray, hoping to focus the viewer’s attention on the texture of the cliffs.

“Does it come with the rocks?” a potential buyer asked.

Featherstone’s Lucy Vincent show will be open daily through May 8 from noon to 4 p.m.


For more photos from the show, see our gallery: Lucy Vincent on Display at Featherstone Art Show.