That's a wrap. — Katie Ruppel

Super Bowl Sunday at Seasons Eatery & Pub hosted the usual suspects: a couple of raging football fans, busy bartenders and general manager Mike Santoro handing out prizes in the midst of filling orders.

“This is my 20th Super Bowl and I see the same faces from when I first got here,” Mr. Santoro said.

But this Sunday something was different at the Oak Bluffs bar and restaurant, as evidenced by the chalkboard greeting sign: 86 Seasons.

In restaurant talk that means, “We’re out.”

About 150 people, all regulars and year-round folks, filled the restaurant for its last night after 27 years in business.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t know when it will hit me,” Mr. Santoro said.

General manager Mike Santoro doles out prizes. — Katie Ruppel

He described the night as bittersweet, watching fans root, waitresses hustle and beers emptied for the last time.

“I’ve worked in resort areas all my life; people come and go seasonally,” Mr. Santoro said. “I’ve adjusted to it. My philosophy is, I never say goodbye.”

At least one regular hoped someone will take the restaurant’s reins.

“As year-round place, this does a lot for the area,” said Donny Gosselin, a familiar face since the Circuit avenue restaurant first opened. “I just hope somebody else opens up a restaurant,” he said. “We don’t need another T-shirt store or ice cream shop.”