Copper repoussè artist Anthony Holand of the Tuck & Holand Metal Sculptors has been featured in Boston Home magazine’s Best of Boston Home, Winter 2013 issue, which is available on newsstands now. The studio, based in Vineyard Haven, is renowned for custom weathervanes, as well as a line of limited edition compass roses, wall maps, burgees, chandeliers and sculpture. It has been placed on Massachusetts’s 1,000 Great Places list.

Tuck & Holand began in 1974 as the Travis Tuck studio with a commission to craft a weathervane for the movie Jaws. Mr. Holand, an apprentice and collaborator, joined the studio in 2002 and became sole proprietor following Mr. Tuck’s death that year. Mr. Holand’s work has also been featured on CNN, the show My Job Rocks on National Public Radio, and in the French newspaper Le Monde.