The Harbor View Hotel was aglow Monday night as revelers ushered in the New Year at the Edgartown hotel's annual bash.

It was a night of food, glitz, champagne and even cotton candy. Ladies balanced in their heels holding large spools of blue cotton candy while gentlemen fetched long glasses of champagne from the tasting table at the next booth.

Sparkle skirts, floor length dresses, suspenders, boots — it didn't matter what you had on or what your age as long as you were having a good time. Joanne Cassidy and the Sultans of Swing got the crowd going to Lady Gaga and other popular hits while DJ Dub Ya Cee had dancers getting down in the room next door.

But when it wasn't about the dancing and the outfits, it was about the food. Executive chef Shawn Sells and executive sous chef Nathan Gould created appetizers like duck trap with a smoked salmon mousse and a Tahitian vanilla champagne gelée.

The pièce de résistance was holding up the dessert.

“They don't know it but you can eat the table,” Mr. Sells said standing at the dessert table. He and Mr. Gould poured 50 pounds of semisweet chocolate to create the edible feast. Chocolate petit fours, dulce de leche cups and truffles were among the options on the table.

Mr. Sells turned to one of his interns from Johnson and Wales University in Providence, who along with other students was brought on specifically to help with the big event. A guest was looking to take a tray of sliders back to their room. Six were sent up.

And then it was time for the grand finale of the night. Partygoers rushed out to the wraparound porch to get the best seat in the house for midnight fireworks. Edgartown harbor lit up with colors, but the fireworks had heavy competition from the crowd, who cheered in the new year so loudly it was difficult to tell where the bursts of noise were originating.


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