In response to the devastation of Hurricane Sandy a number of Bruce Springsteen photographers have begun donating images of Springsteen to raise funds for the relief effort. Called Photographers for Sandy Relief, the movement was started by James Shive, a Vineyard resident and longtime rock and roll photographer. Mr. Shive got his start while attending Keene College in New Jersey where he began a long career that included taking many iconic images of Bruce and the E Street Band.

Other photographers contributing images include Danny Clinch, Lynn Goldsmith, David Michael Kennedy, Joe Lopez, Neal Preston, Barbara Pyle, A. M. Saddler, Pam Springsteen, Frank Stefanko and Eric Meola who photographed the Born to Run album cover.

Mr. Shive donated three images including Spirit in the Night I, 1974, New Years Eve, 1980, and She’s the One, 1976. Some of the other 20 images being offered include one taken by Pam Springsteen, Bruce’s sister, of him composing a song by window light.

To be a part of Photographers for Sandy Relief visit At the site are 20 images, all signed by the photographers. Visitors are asked to donate $25 to the cause, which also gives them the chance to win one of the prints. All proceeds go directly to the Community Food Bank of New Jersey. Over 100,000 pounds of food are distributed each day to crisis centers and the Food Bank’s more than 1,000 partner agencies throughout the state.