Just as many dining options across the Island are beginning to close up shop for the season, a new restaurant in the former David Ryan’s space on North Water street opened last month with every intention of serving the year-round population.

The goals for new Edgartown restaurant Eleven North are simple: keep it local, keep it fun and keep it open year-round.

With a “casual downstairs” and “a little more chic with more New York city and Miami” upstairs, the restaurant hopes to please a broad spectrum of patrons for both lunch and dinner.

“The concept is to fulfill a need that wasn’t really here,” said co-owner Jonathan Koerner this week. “It’s a little more contemporary, catering to locals and all different kinds of clientele.”

Mr. Koerner said Eleven North aims to fill a hole in the dining options.

“There is a lack of diversity and choice, and a lack of diversity within those choices,” he said.

Eleven North will source as close to the Vineyard as possible, purchasing produce and seafood from the Island when available. All meat is organic. Featured items include seared scallop with pork belly confit, seasonal salads, pork tenderloin with braised kale and a grilled whole chicken with artichoke àla grecque.

“We want to do really good quality foods and not gouge people,” he said. “Our hamburger is $11, not $20, and it’s organic meat.”

The bar is stocked at Eleven North. — Alison L. Mead

Classic Vineyard nautical themes and country atmosphere are absent from Eleven North. Instead, guests dine in sophisticated slate-colored rooms lit by contemporary chandeliers. The restaurant includes a more casual dining area and bar downstairs and a large open dining room and even longer bar upstairs. The downstairs area will also feature local artists’ paintings on the walls, acting as a small gallery, Mr. Koerner said.

Mr. Koerner, a longtime summer resident who now splits his time between the Vineyard and Boston, said he searched for “years and years” for the right restaurant to come along that would keep him on the Island more. When he’s not running the restaurant, Mr. Koerner works in the telecommunications industry.

The large upstairs space lends itself to functions, rehearsal dinners and business holiday parties. Parties for Halloween, Thanksgiving and New Year’s Eve are all in the works. Theme nights, tastings and Islanders nights are coming in the off-season.

“We want to reinvent the wheel a little bit and give plenty of options,” he said.

Chef Matt Stogryn is no stranger to the Vineyard dining scene. Prior to joining the Eleven North team, Mr. Stogryn cooked at the Sweet Life Cafe and for the catering company Kitchen Porch. The Boston native has worked at restaurants in San Francisco, Miami, Colorado and, closer to home, at Tremont 647 and Lord Hobo in Boston. He has also run his own catering company and even sold fish wholesale.

Sitting at the upstairs bar, Mr. Stogryn said he felt at home in the new kitchen.

“I’m very happy to be driving again,” he said.

Mr. Stogryn is in the process of changing the menu from summer foods to more fall and winter-inspired dishes, including plenty of braises, a “sexy shepherd’s pie” with a braised lamb shank and authentic Bolognese sauce. The fried oysters, tuna martini and clam chowder (the restaurant’s most popular menu items these days) will remain on the menu. “We want to have a kick-ass year round restaurant,” Mr. Stogryn said. “The Newes does what they do, the Wharf, the Atlantic, l’etoile and D’etente all have their own thing, and that’s great, but we want to be different and have fun.”