More than 60 participants traded in their books and bowls for sculpting tools on August 1 for the Edgartown Board of Trade’s annual sand sculpture contest, held at South Beach. Sand creations included a giant dog bowl, a mermaid, Pac Man and a shark chowing down on a swimmer’s leg, as well as a number of Olympic-themed creations. The winners, as judged by Jeff Donaroma, Libby Ellis, Bonnie DeSousa, Carlos DeSousa and Abbey Smith, are as follows.

Connor Levy, Cole Levy, Sean Demeritt and Kyle Demeritt took home the People’s Choice Award, junior category, for their Olympic podium sculpture. Kim, Bruce, Bailey and C.J. Kimball took adult honors for their version of Medusa.

In the junior category, first place was awarded to Grant, Lauren, Charlotte and Audrey Hanchar, and Grace and Lark Murphy for a Candyland sculpture. Second place went to the Whyte family for a mermaid. Third place went to Greg and Maeve Olson for Pac Man.

In the adult category, first place was awarded to Kim, Bruce, Bailey and C.J. Kimball for Medusa. Second place was given to James, Cassie and Danielle Mahar for their take on a dog and his sandy bowl. Third place went to Elizabeth Cuzzupdi and Agatha Freedburg for a fishing boat.