Ashley Medowski creates unique frames for her paintings with wood salvaged from barns or found on beaches. Her painting The Elizabeth Islands is a panoramic done on an old wooden waterski.

Ms. Medowski’s work is both beautiful and playful. In her painting, Joshua Slocum’s House, an aged Mr. Slocum walks toward his house, leaning on his cane, with a tree in the background seemingly pointing the way. Ahead, in the bottom part of one of the windows, a silhouette of his old sloop Spray peeks out. In Allen Sheep Farm, the white sheep walking across the rural setting resemble clouds floating on the meadow.

Part of the experience of seeing Ms. Medowski’s work is a trip to her gallery, the Saltwater Gallery, located at 367 Lambert’s Cove Road in West Tisbury. The gallery is an extension of her life and home, the setting a work of art in itself.

This Sunday, August 4, the Saltwater Gallery is holding a reception from 4 to 8 p.m.