Those attending the Arts Stroll in Oak Bluffs tomorrow, July 14, can expect paintings, sculptures and prints, naturally. But be prepared for capes and crowns, too.

Lucinda Sheldon of Lucinda’s Enamels, located at 11 Vineyard avenue, has dedicated a whole corner of her studio to decorative fabric capes and complementary felt crowns.

“I’m an artist,” she said, looking at her collection of fantasy costumes for kids, “But I’m also a grandmother.”

lucy vincent beach
And they danced by the light of the moon, the moon out on Lucy Vincent Beach. — Alison Shaw

The first cape in the collection was made for Ms. Sheldon’s granddaughter. There’s a picture in the store of the small, smiling girl and two pretend-princesses donning handmade capes and crowns.

“It turns out everyone seems to want a cape,” Ms. Sheldon said with a shrug.

Each cape is unique, made out of shiny and bright fabrics, some of it recycled material. Ms. Sheldon picked up a shimmering pink cape. “This one is made out of my daughter’s bridesmaid dress,” she said.

Tomorrow, Ms. Sheldon plans to have the capes available for kids to wear. After becoming princesses, the kids can also eat cookies in a six-foot-tall cardboard castle. Even better, kids can help turn the castle into a work of art itself by coloring it with markers.

For those who decide not to explore the tiny Camelot, Oak Bluffs style, there is Ms. Sheldon’s enamel jewelry for sale. She thinks both the capes and the jewelry answer an ageless desire.

periwinkle studio
Pear Tree Cove visits Periwinkle Studio. — Ivy Ashe

“Jewelry is dress-up, too,” she said.

Ms. Sheldon isn’t the only artist who decided to delve into something new and outside of her usual skill set. Judith Drew Schubert has decorated her Periwinkle Studio with her first collection of oil paintings. The body of work is called Pear Tree Cove, with small canvases creating snapshots of the sheep and sunsets of the West Tisbury location. Ms. Schubert usually produces printed fabrics, but is excited to debut her paintings.

“People don’t know me as an oil painter yet,” she said. She’ll be serving pears at her reception.

Stephanie Wolf has been working with a Czech glass maker on her signature “Picasso Window” beads, which are flat glass beads with painted edges. Ms. Wolf’s theme is color, and entirely unique “leather ladder bracelets” are paired with eye-popping shades of color to create an accessory with flair. There are also purple and white Picasso Window beads with specked golden edges. Ms. Wolf calls this design “Wampalyke,” gem terminology that alludes to the beads’ resemblance to wampum.

dragonfly gallery
New artists in bloom, see inside. — Ivy Ashe

At Dragonfly Gallery, three artists will accompany their creations. Wanda Wiggins has created African-inspired fabric collages; Laura Wilk’s work includes a series of delicious, food-inspired watercolors; and Jessica Pisano’s focus is nature-centered oil and gold leaf paintings. Jeremy Nash provides music on the patio outside.

Dragonfly Gallery owner Don McKil-lop is expecting “hundreds and hundreds” of people to stop by.

“I project that number based on Alison Shaw’s hotdogs. One year she had hotdogs at her reception and I think she went through about 500,” said Mr. McKillop. “And it seems like the turnout is better each year.”

dukes county avenue
When strolling, it helps to stop periodically. — Ivy Ashe

Alison Shaw won’t be serving hotdogs this year, though. Her party is lighthouse-themed to complement her new book, To The Harbor Light: Lighthouses of Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket and Cape Cod. The reception this year is going to be catered by Herring Run Kitchens with drinks in the form of shandies made with beer from Offshore Ale.

Pik Nik Gallery plans to feature new works by artists Dan VanLandingham and Colin Ruel, plus a visiting trunk show with jewel artist Chloe Sacks of Boston. The Red Mannequin boutique has declared a 20 per cent off sale on all summer shoes.

So feel free to come barefoot and capeless and head home fully clad.

The stroll is from 4 to 7 p.m. along Dukes County avenue and nearby streets.