When the Oak Bluffs Steamship Authority ticket office opens Monday for the summer season there will be plenty to see inside and overhead. Margot Datz, a much celebrated Edgartown artist, this winter completed a 70-foot mural that spans three overhead walls. The painting was commissioned by the Steamship Authority last fall and it took her, with other projects, a winter to complete.

The two-dimensional painting depicts a three-dimensional world made up of the familiar signs of summer; hanging flower plants and lots of different birds. A central sign says Oak Bluffs, for anyone not sure what town they are in. There are herring gulls and pigeons flying overhead.

Wayne Lamson, general manager for the Steamship Authority, said the mural is the final touch to a long project. “We are all pleased how the Oak Bluffs terminal came out. It was a long process, from design to engineering. There was a lot of cooperation from the town. We did it in three phases. I think the final product was worth the wait.”