Sidewalk replacement work continued this week in Vineyard Haven on State Road, from Pine Tree Road to Camp street, part of an effort to make the area safer for pedestrians, bikers and drivers.

But the work has made life difficult for some, like Lorraine Parrish, owner of Lorraine Parrish Home, a fashion design store on State Road. On Tuesday night Ms. Parrish redecorated her mannequins in an unflattering tribute to the ongoing work.

“You’ve heard of a sidewalk sale? Well, this one is called ‘I’m sick of this sidewalk’ sale,” she said. Ms. Parrish’s mannequins now sport orange traffic cones on their heads and are bedecked in stylish caution tape to celebrate the sale.

“That’s how I’m dealing with it,” she said. “I’m making the best of it and having fun.”

Tisbury department of public works director Fred LaPiana said this week that he expects the $400,000 project, which has been holding up traffic at the congested State Road intersection for weeks, to be completed by Memorial Day. While the work might be an inconvenience to drivers and store owners, Mr. LaPiana said the work was inspired partly by a tragic accident in the summer of 2010, which claimed the life of a cyclist who was hit by a truck near Camp street.

“It was to a large extent due to that accident,” he said. “I’m no judge of [whether the new sidewalk will prevent a similar accident] but it certainly will help the pedestrian situation.” The old sidewalk, he said, was deteriorating and did not didn’t comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act. “It’s one of the many sidewalks in our town that needed replacement,” he said.

Ms. Parrish acknowledges that the sidewalk was in terrible condition before work began.

“It was pretty bad,” she said. “Supposedly the accident prompted the work. It wasn’t like the sidewalk [caused the accident] but it definitely shined a light on the state of this road.”

The project, which is funded by state and federal money through the Transportation Improvement Program, has benefited from travails of another road project in a neighboring town.

“Since the roundabout project was delayed a year, the money that was allocated to that for the year went to this project,” said Mr. LaPiana.

As for Ms. Parrish, while the construction has been a nuisance in the short term, she looks forward to a future with walkable, safer sidewalks.

“It’s going to be great when it’s done,” she said. “I was talking to one of the workers — of course I’ve gotten friendly with all of them — and I was telling him don’t take offense to my sale, I’m just trying to make the best of it. I may be sick of it but I’m still grateful.”