The coffee shop is hummin
The grill is
Piled high
Eggs and bacon
Home fries stacked
Knee high

The counter is
A flurry
Keep pace
Customers are
All hungry
Lined up outside the place

At the center of
This action
Quiet and
Laid back
A character
Is cookin
Scrambled with

The tempest swirls
Around him
He needn’t
Turn around
Tall and always
He feeds the
Teeming crowd

Dock Street Don
Is finnin
Summer’s in
Full swing
Crowds are
Jammin Main street
His Bacon Mac’s
Are king

The rules he set
Are simple
The motto of
The place
There is no room
For pretense
He’ll tell you
To your face

There is no
High and mighty
Just food and
Counter jive
I’ve brought my kids
For breakfast
Since they’ve
Been alive

We used to sit
Down near him
Working at
The grill
He’d turn and
Warmly greet us
Then give us
All our fill
Both the boys are
Grown up
They go there
With their friends
Don still smiles
At them
Remembers way
Back when

Now I hear he’s
Hanging up
His stuff
Darren’s takin over
There’s no need
For fuss

Don and Mary
Taught him
He knows his
Way around
Summer crowds will
Line up
Egg Macs abound

Like Stella came
Before him
With Thor and
Mary too
Don will always reign
The King of
Dock Street crew.