Unsightly trash along the West Tisbury-Edgartown Road has become a problem and West Tisbury police chief Dan Rossi intends to stop it.

“I have to go down that road to go home and it’s irritating,” he said at Wednesday’s meeting of the West Tisbury selectmen.

The problem was brought to the attention of the town by Arnold Fischer, the owner of Flat Point Farm.

“I think it’s a huge issue,” said Mr. Fischer, who attended the meeting. “From Morning Glory Farm to New Lane is trash. It’s the winter, it’s us . . . I think we just need to get the word out, I think we just need to raise a stink and scream bloody murder and quit this.”

Mr. Rossi hopes to revive an anti-littering public education campaign.

“A couple years ago we handed out flyers that said ‘Stop It Don’t Drop It,’” the chief said.

“Catchy,” replied selectman Cynthia Mitchell.

The town can issue a fine of $250 to vehicles carrying an unsecure load; Chief Rossi said he suspects much of the roadside trash is coming from trucks en route to the central transfer station, situated just past the airport. “What I’d like to do is on the weekend have a police officer from Edgartown and West Tisbury if we see a truck come in, hand them a pamphlet and explain to them this is a warning, next time it could be a fine,” he said, adding that he hopes the pamphlets themselves don’t add to the problem.

“Hopefully they won’t crinkle it up and throw it out the window,” he said.