The Vineyard Conservation Society is hosting a winter walk on Sunday, Jan. 8, from 1 to 3 p.m. and they are looking for otters. The walk will be led by wildlife biologists Luanne Johnson and Liz Baldwin along the protected lands around the Wakeman Conservation Center, starting at the Cranberry Acres bogs and continuing to the Hoft Farm. The plan is to explore the trails, fields, and bogs of this area while searching for otter tracks and learning about how they perceive the landscape.

Liz Loucks, Land Steward for TNC, will share her plant expertise during the walk and at Cranberry Acres, VOLF Director Carol Magee will discuss the organic cranberry bog situated there.

To get to the site, drive 1.1 mile up from the Vineyard Haven end of Lambert’s Cove Road, take a left on Helen avenue and continue on to the parking area at the main Wakeman building on the right.

Visit for more details.