The best part of the holidays is catching up with the younger generation, aka the Millennials. Some have traveled to the far corners of the planet, while others have settled on-Island.

The gorgeous Kate and Fiona MacLean (who as second and first-graders respectively, resembled diminutive Catherine Deneuves), now live on separate coasts. Fiona works for a wilderness project in Santa Cruz, California. Kate, a graduate of Smith College, started out in the corporate world of Facebook in San Francisco, but she and her boyfriend, Nick, moved to North Carolina where they helped another couple tend their bucolic pig farm. Last summer Kate and Nick packed up their truck with a calf, some pigs, cats, dogs, a passel of chickens and a whole hive of bees and moved to a friend’s farm in western Massachusetts.

Luke Bailey is working for forestry preservation, out of an office in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area.

Hudson Lee continues to be a tech genius. He lives in West Tisbury and once re-jiggered my PC so completely, I had to shout at him, “Hudson, put it back to the dumb setting.”

Mike Furino has followed his dad, Tom, into the stone mason business and recently they’ve been working around-the-clock to refurbish chimneys.

Sam Reece, after intensive sociology research in Brazil for his master’s program, has moved to Jackson Hole, Wyoming to work on his thesis.

Matt Sharkovitz works for an insurance company in Boston but has managed the miracle feat of the modern workplace: doing his nine-to-five at home on Martha’s Vineyard.

The Schilcher triplets, Alex, Duncan, and Nick, live together in Boston and are following in the culinary and restaurant trade of their parents, Raymond Schilcher and Jamie Hamlin.

James Condlin has been promoted again at the Edgartown National Bank.

Brian Hall performs multiple Island jobs and Keith and Kyle Crossland are working with their dad, Mark, in his landscape design business.

Jane McGroarty, after a couple of years in Brazil, is back on Island with her husband and adorable four year-old daughter.

Caitlin Fitzpatrick has a baby on the way. Jessica Wilcoxin has traveled north from Florida, and Catie Coogan is teaching elementary school in Virginia. Her kid brother, Packy, is helping out with new shingling at the Wharf for his cousins, Willy and Geoghan. Young lawyer, Nell Coogan, has produced two new little Coogans and also lives on-Island.

My own Millennial, Charlie, took me out this past week for several meals and other fun stuff. He’s off to Boston for two nights, then New York for New Year’s, then back to L.A. to start his new job as assistant to Rob Reiner. As high school English teacher David Wilson said, “Charlie will be working for Meathead.”

I could go on, but will withhold continued glad tidings for future occasions. It’s been a lovely set of holidays for everyone I know. May our profound gratitude for living in this beautiful place, populated with so many friendly, interesting, quirky souls of all ages, continue unabated. Amen.