It’s been said that we might need a bigger Island, and in August few can argue with that. Now you can add Jawsfest: The Tribute to your August planning calendar, a special four-day series of events that will explore just about every aspect of the making of the movie Jaws. And as they did in 2005 for the first Jawsfest on the Vineyard, Jaws afficionados from around the world are expected to travel to this festival.

The dates are August 9 through 12; the principal organizer is Susan Sigel Goldsmith, who owns a public relations firm based on the Vineyard. Ms. Goldsmith has an exclusive arrangement with Universal Studios, which owns the Jawsfest trademark, to promote the festival.

Event planning is already under way and includes a series of discussions with cast and crew members and their families about how the movie affected their lives. A multimedia tribute to Peter Benchley, Roy Schei-der, Robert Shaw and others who have died is planned. There will be museum displays from private collections and live reenactments, among other things.

A Web site has been started with event planning and travel information:

Organizers advise plan now; after all, this is August on the Vineyard we are talking about.