When Vineyarders tuned in to FOX yesterday afternoon, they found the familiar, reassuring visage of Dr. Mehmet Oz. Next to him was an even more familiar face, that of Islander Marcy Holmes.

“It was a surprise. I haven’t been groomed for this,” Ms. Holmes said Thursday. “I don’t have the stage experience that Gerry has,” a lighthearted reference to her Vineyard Medical Services colleague and man of the stage Dr. Gerry Yukevich.

Ms. Holmes is a women’s health nurse practitioner and menopause clinician at the Vineyard Medical Services with a specialty in preventative health care through nutrition and lifestyle. For the past seven years she’s shared time between the Vineyard and the Women to Women Health Care Center in Yarmouth, Me., where she is a regular contributor to the Web site womentowomen.com.

“I was really surprised. One of the producers from the Dr. Oz show liked some of my perimenopause articles on the Web site and they invited me to be a participant on the show,” she said.

The show was taped last Friday and aired yesterday at 5 p.m. Ms. Holmes said the subject was “raging housewives and perimenopausal rage.”

“It’s a little bit of a dramatic piece about women with a rather extreme experience of heightened rage and emotional imbalance, really for the first time in their life, as they’re facing hormonal fluctuation and perimenopause,” she said.

While Ms. Holmes is not trained as a television talking head, she had help in overcoming the butterflies before a national audience.

“The Dr. Oz show took very good care of me,” she said. “It was a little nerve-racking, just wanting to do a good job for everyone I’m showing my face for. But I think it went off pretty well. I had quite a good amount of jitters, but I worked through it and I had a great coach in our Women to Women business manager and public-relations person, who also happens to be a trained stage mom whose kids were into a lot of performing.”

Once on set Ms. Holmes found a heartening environment where the on-screen summons to healthy living was put into practice.

“They really believe, even behind the scenes, in all the healthy things that Dr. Oz promotes,” she said. “There was no junk food. In the green room there was hummus and carrots for a snack. They really do promote health, even internally with their staff. It was just an exciting, energetic group of smart women on his team, which was really great for me to see.”

About Dr. Oz himself Ms. Holmes says his soothing, self-assured television personality is not an act.

“He’s amazing,” she said. “He’s warm and smart and very confident and he makes you very comfortable to talk to him. He welcomed me with open arms and treated me with such respect as a nurse practitioner. That felt really good.”

Ms. Holmes said she planned to watch the episode at home on her digital recorder, alongside friends and her husband, James Carroll. And while she may have felt some stage fright during her first national performance, Ms. Holmes may have found a second calling.

“Hopefully I’ll be invited back,” she said.

Ms. Holmes appearance will be available to view on the Dr. Oz Web site: doctoroz.com.