Churning seas over the weekend produced three new derby-leading fish including a 46.15-pound striped bass.

The striper was reeled in from a boat by Richard A. Penney, of Carver, who weighed in Sunday at the Edgartown headquarters of the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby. Though the fishing competition continues for two more weeks, Penney’s fish would have won the category in either of the past two years.

In the category of bluefish caught from a boat, Harvard Law School Professor Charles Ogletree took over the leadership spot Sunday with a 15.5-pound fish. Another top leader, Domingo P. Canha, of Vineyard Haven, weighed in a 9.79 pound bonito caught from a boat, bumping his brother Joseph’s 9.40 pound bonito, caught on Sept. 24, into second place.

Mr. Ogletree, a well known seasonal resident of Oak Bluffs, was fishing with his friend and attorney Dennis Sweet. Mr. Sweet didn't do too badly either. He came in with a 14.29-pound bluefish. His fish earned a second for the day, but didn't make it onto the grand leader board.

The two fishermen were out with charter fisherman Buddy Vanderhoop, of Aquinnah. Mr. Vanderhoop fishes in a boat called Tomahawk.

For more information about derby leaders and the contest, follow the Vineyard Gazette on the web and in print. The fishing contest ends Oct. 15.