I hate it when I don’t know everything. Last week I gave Patricia Carlet ink for working to improve the old brick waterworks building at the Tashmoo Pond town land. Don’t forget, it is the site of the Tisbury annual picnic held on Memorial Day. It seems I was remiss in not giving credit to a number of people. The project was a collaboration of many concerned citizens who care about preserving all that is great with our town. Big thanks to Denys Wortman, Lorraine Wells, Henry Stephenson, Dan Amaral, Sandra Kingston, Harry Chapdelaine, Ralph Packer, Aase Jones and Harriet Barrow. Do not hesitate to give me a ring if I omitted anyone.

Also, if you are interested in a tour of the building and grounds, phone any of the aforementioned people.

A week ago Thursday we had that quick snowstorm. Everything was beautiful winter white except my purple crocuses and violas peeking through. It made me wish I had planted iris reticulata. I saw some blooming at Vineyard Gardens. They are adorable — not more than six inches tall and a vibrant deep purple.

My eggplant has begun to germinate. I narrowed it down this year. Last summer I tried a huge variety, many of which I did not enjoy. I tried several of the Brazilian types like jilo but found them too seedy and bitter for my taste. This year I have the favorites, Rosa Bianca, Black Beauty, Ronde de Valencia, Maylasian Red, and Pingtung Long. I still have a few containers left in the freezer from last year. I simply sautée in olive oil and pop into the freezer. They are a great addition to tomato sauce.

Huge thanks go out to Dan Sternbach and to my son, Reuben. They put together another hoop house for me last Saturday. I love it. The sides roll up so I plan to use it for peppers and eggplants. They both need a long, hot season. I didn’t get sizeable amounts last year until almost October for Pete’s sake.

I’ve been too busy to make salad for supper. We have been picking and eating greens right in the greenhouse. I have some beautiful Deer Tongue lettuce as well as very tender Black-Seeded Simpson. I also have been thinning my baby radishes. I eat them, greens and all, as I go along. Surprisingly, I picked some lettuce and inadvertently grabbed a tiny carrot seedling. I ate the greens and got a mouthful of carrot flavor.

I started some perennials from seed in January and have been transplanting into larger flats. So far I have way too many white oriental poppies (Royal Wedding), wallflowers, and mesa yellow gaillardia.

Dan Sternbach gave me a cabbage that he picked at Whippoorwill Farm last fall. He stored it in his cellar. The outside was dried and moldy. However, peeling a few leaves left a beautiful delicious globe. I covet basements and/or root cellars.

Advanced thanks to Sally Hamilton. She is giving me a rooted cutting of the beautiful old-fashioned purple rose, Veilchenblau. There is one at the corner of State Road and the Edgartown-Vineyard Haven Road.

I have been following the events at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant. I will never be convinced that nuclear is the way to go. I know the powers that be say it’s non-polluting and inexpensive. Let’s see, the plant at Chernobyl only has about a century of nuclear winter to go.

The Japanese after Hiroshima and Nagasaki still chose nuclear as an option? They had some fear, certainly. They came up with Godzilla as a result of nuclear gone wild. I sincerely hope we will take all this under advisement.