My life is a series of fixing things and moving stuff. I feel as if I could do a George Carlin stand-up routine. Last week’s icy conditions caused my truck to smash into the side of the house. Honestly, I don’t make these things up. A word to the wise, people, watch out for dump trucks and pickups on icy roads. They are the worst. Don’t be fooled by four-wheel drive. Those vehicles can slip and slide just as easily.

When the snow melted at the new year I scurried around picking up debris in the garden and yard.

The greenhouse is in serious disrepair. I hope to band-aid it together to squeeze another season. The barn cats have been using it as a giant litter box. My daughter and I spent two days with our questionable carpentry skills putting it back in working order.

I promptly ordered my onion and leek seeds. I plan to start them on propagating mats by mid month. I have good success with using seed instead of sets. There are more varieties available. After the seeds germinate they can live in an unheated greenhouse or cold frame. They often freeze solid but continue growing. It is important that they have light. I’ve never had them amount to much when grown inside in a sunny window.

My friends are saints. They have to put up with me. I talked a few people into sharing pigs way too late in the season. The blizzard over Christmas raised my level of anxiety quite a bit. Caring for livestock in inclement weather is inconvenient at best. Never mind one feels sorry for the critters.

At any rate, New Year’s Day a fine group of willing hands showed up to dispatch those pigs. We pulled off the entire process in under four hours. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, taking a life is no small task. I am grateful to be able to do it in a humane fashion and to feed my family well. I hope something eats me when I’m gone!

I was saddened by the death of Eleanor Pearlson. As a longtime waitress I remember her fondly and must say she was a notoriously big tipper. She always inquired about our families and was interested in our lives.

I am happy to report that I removed the hay from some carrots and was able to dig some absolutely beautiful roots. I chopped them into a stir-fry with some fresh pork and my own collards. Beyond yummy.

I hope I take the opportunity of cold, dark evenings (which I love) to make some long-cooked meals out of my stored-from-summer produce. It’s the season of bread and soup. I wonder if I’m the only one on the planet who loves early sunsets. At least I come inside before I collapse.

By the time this is printed the new 112th Congress will be in office. It will be interesting to see the Tea Party in action, not just in talk. They are opposed to the 9/11 medical care bill for those whose health has suffered because of their service after the collapse of the World Trade Center towers. It is hard for me to follow the train of thought from that part of the political spectrum. Everyone wants small government except when it affects them. People are still mad at Michael Bloomberg for not shoveling fast enough. The next two years should give me plenty of material. Have mercy!