For all Brian Kirkpatrick knows, his award-winning painting could be hanging in the living room of the White House right now. He’s not sure.

But what he can say for certain is that he did his best to get it there.

Mr. Kirkpatrick’s oil painting, inspired by the Obama T-shirts sold by Roger Schilling at C’est la Vie in Oak Bluffs, won the Most Popular award at last year’s All-Island Art Show — as the artist remembers it, there were so many of the tiny star stickers used to designate a fan favorite crowding the painting’s entry tag that “they were literally falling on the ground.”

“It was really wild,” he said in a Sunday phone interview.

After the win, he was inspired to try delivering the painting to its subject after showing it to a visiting reporter from the Cape Cod Times.

A trip to one of the press conferences held during Obama’s visit — and a little extra persistence — landed the painting in the hands of a White House staffer.

Although Mr. Kirkpatrick was told the Obamas would get the work of art when they returned to Washington, he’s still waiting for a letter — or any sort of hint, really — that would confirm the Most Popular painting on the Island arrived safely.

“I was determined to get that painting to him,” Mr. Kirkpatrick said with a laugh. “But I don’t know where it went!”

Mr. Kirkpatrick had better luck gifting his work earlier this summer, when he ran into Bill Murray at the Grange Hall in West Tisbury.

He presented Mr. Murray with a hand-painted cigar box — the boxes, inspired by Mr. Kirkpatrick’s trips to Islamorada in the Florida Keys, are painted with brightly colored tarpon, bonefish and sailfish.

Former Celtics player John Havlicek and Fox News correspondent Major Garrett have also been recipients of the one-of-a-kind boxes.

“It’s my way of giving back,” said Mr. Kirkpatrick, who also makes paintings for the Redbone Fishing Tournaments held each year in the Keys. The tournaments raise money for cystic fibrosis research.

With all of his donations to causes both celebrity and charitable, it’s no wonder he’s so popular.