The Eisenhauer Gallery’s second exhibit of the season, entitled Embody, opens Thursday, July 15, with a reception from 6 to 8 p.m. with libations and live music by Mike Benjamin

This collection of art encases figurative works from Kathy Jones, Justin Taylor, Jylian Gustlin, Melinda Morrison, Rebecca Kinkead and the gallery’s newest artist, Carol Bennett. The exhibit correlates the very distinctive styles of our artists through their shared thematic interpretations of “the body.”

Carol Bennett’s pieces convey the effortless energy of the weightless world, transmitting raw happiness through the simple relationship of the body and water. Her underwater perspective reminds one of the peaceful natures associated with the flow of life in harmony.

Kathy Jones absorbs inspiration from the unconscious, in-between actions of thought, complemented with the use of rich and exotic colors.

Another new artist, Justin Taylor, finds beauty in the mundane aspects of the world, illustrating the thread which connects people of all backgrounds.

Creating abstract figures based on the Fibonacci mathematical theory, Jylian Gustlin’s work explores the relationship between science and art.

Melinda Morrison is a storyteller through the language of her brush; her expressive depictions represent enhanced experiences of daily life.

Rebecca Kinkead’s work symbolizes the small events and feelings, which unite us all as human beings, and recognizes the collective experiences of the daily world. She illustrates small realities and triumphs, with color and texture exuding a feeling of life.