I do not use an alarm clock. For some reason I wake up at the first crack of light. This fact makes daylight saving time particularly irksome. I don’t believe I have ever been fond of it, especially now that it happens sooner every spring and later in the fall. As a child I remember it happening at the end of April and the beginning of October. Then there was that short period of time during the Nixon administration when he tried to make a two-hour change?

I am fascinated by the urban legends as to the purpose of the practice. My favorite is that it helps the farmers get to market on time. So they get to have another hour of darkness in which to pick their produce? They have done studies concerning the saving of energy when, in fact, people drive around more in the evening when it is lighter later! I realize this is a very unpopular opinion. Sorry! At any rate, it’s like death, taxes and the weather. I am powerless to change it!

Last Thursday I was happy to watch Scott McArthur’s tree service cut down a couple of the smaller willow trees at the scenic vista of Lake Tashmoo. It has opened up quite a bit of the beautiful view. I will be completely satisfied when the two remaining enormous willows and the large oak also fall to the saw. I have included two computer enhanced photographs of the site done by Henry Stephenson of Vineyard Haven. The first is how beautiful it would be if the oak and two large willows were removed. The other is what the site would be like in five years, if things are left as they are now, after Thursday’s tree removal.

Who remembers the friendly taking of town land by the state of Massachusetts for one dollar in 1958 to build the overlook? Give me a ring, I’m in the book.

I gave myself the final word. No more seed or plant ordering. It has become ridiculous. My hoop house and cold frames are bursting at the seems. I have flats piled three and four high on the propagating mat and have yet to start the tender annuals. It is a good thing I totally enjoy it and am a good sport, otherwise it would be very unpleasant for family and friends.

If you get a chance, call Gardens Alice, 513-354-1482 or go to cyberspace, and request their spring catalog. They have some great pictures of bugs and diseases. They offer environmentally responsible products to correct those problems.

Homegrown meets this Sunday afternoon at the Agricultural Hall. Hope you all can make it. There will be some seed and seedling swapping.