To reduce its environmental impact, Cronig’s Market has teamed up with Eco MV to replace all its styrofoam packaging. Styrofoam is a byproduct of petroleum and has a landfill life of over 3,000 years, and while it has been touted as a light and well-insulating material, more sustainable alternatives abound. For Cronig’s Market, the more environmentally friendly alternative is unbleached bulrush fiber.

Bulrush is an abundant wild grass that is harvested from wild sources rather than grown as an agricultural crop. Cronig’s new bulrush packaging is durable and can be composted.

“We understand that Cronig’s and other retailers are used to paying pennies for these packaging solutions, and now we’re asking them to pay nickels and dimes,” said Eco MV owner Mark Martin. “We can’t compete with styrofoam on price, but we simply can’t afford to live with it.”

Cronig’s Markets stopped using plastic bags years before it was the trend, installed solar panels on their roof and work closely with Island Grown Initiative to fill its shelves with local goods. “This project doesn’t reduce our costs, but we have to take this step forward for our Island and our planet,” said Cronig’s owner Steve Bernier.