How to be more environmentally responsible: we all approach it on many different levels. But every little bit helps. This year especially is important to take the threat to our environment seriously. You read about “going green” everywhere. But what does that really mean? Whether you recycle regularly and have a compost bin in your backyard or are just beginning to switch your lightbulbs over to the new more efficient bulbs, each of us can strive to make less of an impact on our already overburdened resources. Like most changes we approach in life, we don’t need to change everything at once. Make one change at a time in your lifestyle. As that becomes the norm, change something else. We can begin the real celebration of the earth by committing to taking better care of this planet all year long by making subtle changes in the way we do things.

— Kristen Parece, Editor


Green Week

By Samantha Billings

Recently the Martha’s Vineyard Regional High School scheduled a green week when the cafeteria used environmentally friendly bowls, forks, spoons and knives; after everyone ate, students were showed where to dispose properly of their trash. This was a great idea for our school and just in that one week we made a difference. However, I think our school should have continued with that process in the school cafeteria. Why do your part for only one week when you can make a difference every day? The students will have to deal with these issues later in life, so we should feel the most compelled to do something.


Bad Use of Technology

By Tova Katzman

At 7:18 p.m. on May 8 a subway train rear-ended another train in Boston. The cause of this involved a 24-year-old subway operator, Aiden Quinn and his cell phone. The man was texting his girlfriend while driving the train. Forty-nine passengers were taken to the hospital; luckily there were no life threatening injuries. If Aiden Quinn is found guilty he could be held accountable, including for the cost of medical bills and the damage caused to Green Line property. He was immediately fired and has gotten the company into a great deal of trouble. Could this story be an example of how technology is turning on us?


Some People Act; Others Sit Around

By T.J. Van Gervan

Recently in our global studies class we have been studying the Holocaust and we watched the movie The Pianist. It was a really good movie that moved me. In the film, many people go out of their way to put their life on the line to help the Jewish people who are being persecuted. It made me wonder what quality in a person makes them perform such acts of courage, risking their own lives. It seems that some people can sit around while other people are being killed and tortured, and then there are those who risk everything for a stranger.


Stepping Into the Shoes of Others

By Chris Costello      

Recently, our global studies class took a field trip to the Farm Institute. We dug up soil until we were able to plant wheat. Although it was enjoyable, the reason Ms. Weintraub took us on this trip was to give us an example of a small portion of the labor the majority of prisoners had to do during the Holocaust. It’s hard to imagine doing work like that when you’re starving, sick and very, very weak.


What’s in Store

By Alicia Oliveira

Still worried about swine flu? This virus has been the topic of conversation. Hand sanitizer has been used frequently in the high school. It is called H1N1 because health officials didn’t want people to worry about eating pork. The virus has reached its peak in Mexico; numbers are now declining, which is a good thing. With warm weather coming influenza dwindles. Even though people are beginning to relax they need to keep in mind that this influenza is new, and no one has immunity to it. The 1918 pandemic started as a mild virus, but the swine flu virus is lacking a gene that most virus flus have, including the one in 1918. Health officials are already working on a new vaccine, but it won’t be ready for six months. Soon the purchases of online swine flu kits, healthy fans and travel ionic personal air filters will drop. Cruise ships are avoiding Mexico. Islanders are a little more comfortable, but don’t forget.


Swine Flu

By Diane Reed

Nobody knows whether the flu will keep spreading. In Mexico, the death toll has risen from 48 to 56. Mexico has 2,059 infected people. The U.S. has had only three deaths, but many people are infected. Some other places where swine flu has been found are Japan (zero deaths), Quebec (16 infections and in the rest of Canada one death and 286 infections). A total of 30 countries have reported infections.

A young girl in Providence has been hospitalized because of swine flu, but she is going to be released soon. Most infections are quite mild so far and have not required hospitalization.


Swine Flu on the Vineyard?

By Camilla Fernandes

Swine flu has thankfully not reached the Island. It is difficult to know what is really going on. Many people are extremely worried about the flu, but others say it’s just the media exaggerating. Some people argue that it’s no big deal because so many more people die each year due to the common seasonal flu. I think it’s not just the common flu, but it’s not lethal either if treated correctly. Swine flu is a lot more contagious and easily spread and that’s why we need to be talking about it. I do think that the media is exaggerating.


SSA Internet Access — Ugh

By Vinnie Degregorio

I tried to get on the Internet at the Steamship Authority and it was terrible. It barely works. You don’t know how many times it took me to connect, and when I did the connection immediately failed. I don’t know if it was my computer, but my sister’s $1,000 laptop was not working either. The connection is really awful and I hope that they fix it soon.


Dancing for Votes

By Grant Meacham

I just did an online dance battle along with my crew. The competition was in New York and we were the first out of five crews to move on to the next round. Only two more crews got to move on and then we were in the final with two other teams competing to be the most voted-for team on a Web site called We’re called Complexion Crew and we needed votes to win. I am happy to tell you that we got them and we will now be the first crew to represent Clearasil and will get major media exposure and $10,000. So everyone who voted — thank you!



By Niki Alexander

Once again the girls’ lacrosse team is undefeated. They have won 50 per cent of their games and hope to win the other 50 per cent in order to go to the finals. At the rate they are going that is where the team is headed. There is good team chemistry, and with support from fans and parents, they will succeed.