Tomorrow is the first ever Kids Fishing Jamboree. Youngsters from all over the Island are invited to attend a learn-how-to-fish program and it involves a lot of experienced anglers. Registration is at 8:15 a.m. at the Edgartown School and it is open to all children aged six through 14 years of age. The program is especially open to parents.

The event is sponsored by the Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters Association, a nonprofit fishing club dedicated to promoting the sport. They do a number of fishing friendly events and this one is an experiment.

Island educators are involved. Ed Jerome, former principal at the Edgartown School, is a key organizer. “The Vineyard has a number of fishing events for children. But kids don’t often get the opportunity to learn all the aspects of fishing. We are trying this concept, to offer young anglers a chance to learn how to fish from the shore, go out in a boat and fish.”

Classes will be set up at different places on the Island. Emphasis will be toward boating safety. “They’ll learn about lifesaving, personal flotation devices and knot tying. They’ll learn about fishing plugs.” They’ll learn about fishing for a lot of different species including striped bass, scup and squid.

Robert Lane, a vice principal at the West Tisbury School is an avid angler and another involved volunteer. He will give a talk about where young anglers can go to fish on the beach. He’ll review the public accessible fishing spots, where a driver doesn’t have to get there with anything more road friendly than the family car.

A promotional press release announced: “Get away from those Saturday morning TV shows and enjoy the outdoors.”

Word of the event has been circulated in all the Island schools. “We’d like to make this an annual event,” Mr. Jerome said. “I think this is a great way for kids and parents to get together.” This is intended to be especially helpful to parents, he said. It is not uncommon for parents being in need of some basic fishing advice and they’ll get it in the friendliest way tomorrow.

Registration starts at 8:15, the jamboree starts at 9 a.m. and ends at noon. Sunday is the raindate. For more information about the fishing club visit the Martha’s Vineyard Surfcasters Association Web site at