There is a new boat leader in the Martha’s Vineyard Striped Bass and Bluefish Derby: Lev C. Wlodyka came in with a 46.82-pound striped bass he had caught earlier in the day.

There was drama at the weigh station, according to the officials. It wasn’t just Mr. Wlodyka’s fish that drew the crowds — it was the drama of two other fishermen showing up with theirs at the same time.

It all began rather suddenly. Morgan A. Child walked into the weigh-in with his huge fish at 8:38 p.m. His fish was a 46.74-pound striper, which by itself could have lead the derby. Then Mr. Wlodyka weighed in his 46.82-pounder a minute later.

Note the closeness in weight — there is no question measuring hundredths of a pound matters in a four-week derby.

After all was said and done with those two 40-pound fish, Nicholas Warburton put his big fish on the table. It weighed 41.09 pounds. A derby official said this morning she thought the three men often fish together.

The daily board for yesterday is loaded with big fish and familiar names of anglers. Now that the storms and most of the rains have disappeared, the anglers are out there having a competitive time. For instance Bruce E. McIntosh, who won last year’s derby with a 14.62-pound bluefish, weighed in a 12.43-pound bluefish last night. Thomas A. Teller, another Edgartown angler, weighed in an 11.31-pound bluefish, also last night. The derby’s grand leader for boat bluefish remains Don W. Eber with his 14.43-pounder.

Julian G. Pepper, 26, who calls himself Lone Bone, weighed in a striped bass caught from the shore that was 24.39, and it lead the daily last night. This morning he showed up again, this time with an even bigger fish, 29.44-pounder. Mr. Pepper is an avid angler and a lot of fishermen know him for his prowess.

There is another rainshower forecast for later today, but with all these big fish now coming into the weigh station, it won’t much matter to the anglers.

Ed Jerome was the weigh master this morning, as of a few minutes to closing time, he had seen eight fish.