Sun Porch Books at 45 Circuit avenue in Oak Bluffs, now in its fifth autumn of operation, is bowing to America’s love of books and coffee under a single roof.

Currently in the bookstore, three tables with chairs occupy the front of the store, and a portion of the counter holds coffee, tea, hot chocolate, sodas, water and cookies.

Owner Holly Nadler says, “I now feel more than ever that my bookshop is my living room on the town.

Another new focus of gatherings will be under the aegis of “Q and A With...” on (most) Saturdays, 4 to 8 p.m.

“These books-and-issues talks will be equally weighted between author and audience,” says Ms. Nadler. “People can think of their questions ahead of time, and get the ball rolling that way. I always think Q and A is the most engrossing part of any talk or lecture, but it’s always initiated at the end, when the planners are ready to start shooing people out the door.”

Tomorrow evening, Saturday, Oct. 13, from 4 to 6 p.m., Sun Porch hosts a Q and A with Marty Nadler called Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Being Funny (Or Funnier!).

Other speakers Ms. Nadler is seeking for this fall are Belleruth Naperstek for her latest compact disc on treating panic attacks, Rick Herrick for his new book, The Case Against Evangelicals, Dr. Michael Jacobs on Rx for Sailors, John Walter and Jan Pogue about the publishing business, and Kristen Kingsbury Henshaw on the continuing (and building legend) of her father and his book, Craig Kingsbury Talkin‘.

In addition to the question and answer sessions, Ms. Nadler hopes to launch several salon/groups/workshop events: “I’ve got different people lined up to oversee them; I’d like to do a monthly Shakespeare play-reading group, a men’s book group, four-part writing workshops taught by different Island writers, a weekly 9 to 9:45 a.m. meeting for a beginning (or getting started again) meditation group, a modern mystics reading group, an African American authors’ reading group, a poetry workshop, and a weekly knitting lunch.”

For more information, or to organize a topic or group yourself, phone Sun Porch Books at 508-693-3880 or e-mail