Court TV debuted> a show last year called Murder By the Book. They invited five crime novelists to choose a true crime case that fascinated them, and present it in the series — full of interviews with witnesses and detectives and prosecutors. Linda Fairstein, pictured above, was selected for the second series.

She writes: “My show will air on Dec. 11. It’s the first one they’ve done in Manhattan. It’s also unusual because the other authors were all novelists, but I use a case that I worked on as a prosecutor. It’s a serial killer named Arohn Kee, who was a sexual predator and killed teenage girls in New York city for years before being caught, by DNA evidence and a great team of New York Police Department detectives.”

A production crew from Los Angeles came to the Island to film the piece, stayed at Colonial Inn and feasted on oysters at Larsen’s, the author reports. Her next book is entitled Killer Heat.