The Oak Bluffs Community Preservation Committee (CPC) is pleased to announce that application forms are now available to request funding for projects for historic preservation, affordable housing and open space/recreation for the fiscal year that begins in July 2008.

Requests for proposals are being accepted through Oct. 5, 2007.

The town of Oak Bluffs adopted the Community Preservation Act in April of 2005. Funds are raised by a three per cent surcharge on property taxes. The committee estimates that funding for community projects for fiscal year 2009 will exceed $700,000.

As mandated by the state, all projects must be designed to acquire, create and preserve land for recreational use or open space; acquire, preserve, rehabilitate and restore historic resources; or create, preserve and support community housing.

CPC members are appointed by the board of selectmen to review and recommend how Community Preservation Act revenues can best be spent in Oak Bluffs. The committee will screen all applications for eligibility, review funding requests and make recommendations to voters at annual town meeting for final approval.

Town boards, nonprofits, for-profit organizations and individuals are eligible to apply.

The application form is available in the building department office located at town hall. It is also available by visiting (click on the building department tab on the Web site.)

For more information about the application process or the Community Preservation Act, get in touch with Adam Wilson at 508-693-3554, extension 123. Requests for proposals can be submitted to Mr. Wilson in the building department office, 56 School street, through Oct. 4 at 4 p.m.