The ominous, quickening strains that can mean only one thing - the shark is near and getting nearer - are slated to fill Ocean Park in Oak Bluffs at an August 5 open-air screening of Jaws.

Netflix, a company that operates a DVD mail rental service, has applied to the Oak Bluffs Park Commission to show the movie at the park off Seaview avenue. Admission would be free. The commission was scheduled to vote on the application last night.

Jaws, directed by Steven Spielberg and released in 1975, was filmed on the Vineyard in 1974, with the terrifying beach and water scenes shot at State Beach in Oak Bluffs. John Williams won an Oscar for his original score for the film.

Netflix is sponsoring the Ocean Park screening through its Rolling Roadshow, which is showing famous movies this summer in the places where they were filmed. Planned showings include Clerks in Leonardo, N.J., and Field of Dreams in Dyersville, Iowa.

Richard Combra Jr., chairman of the park commission, said the commission had discussed the Netflix proposal at a prior commission meeting. Mr. Combra said yesterday afternoon that the commission was leaning toward approving the plan. The roadshow estimated up to 500 people would attend the screening.

"We felt it was low-key enough to allow it to happen," Mr. Combra said.

Mr. Combra said the movie likely would be shown from about 8 to 10 p.m., with the equipment torn down and removed by 11 p.m. He anticipated Netflix would use a 40-foot-wide screen to show the film.

According to the roadshow web site, "Netflix does not provide seating. You are encouraged to bring quilts, ground clothes, camping chairs or the like for your comfort . . . . The movie is outside, so please prepare accordingly. Think of attending a Rolling Roadshow as though you were going to an outdoor evening picnic. Sturdy shoes, camping chairs, quilts, flashlights, light jackets and bug spray would all be good things to bring."

Among the requirements facing the roadshow were those that would face any entity sponsoring a large-group event at the park: a police presence, an ambulance on-site, portable restroom facilities and no serving of food. The roadshow also has to obtain approvals from the Oak Bluffs police chief, fire chief, health agent and wiring inspector.

Singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb, recently featured in the television reality show #1 Single, is hosting the Rolling Roadshow screenings.

Mr. Combra, who grew up on the Island, was about 10 years old when the movie was filmed. His cousin, the late Chris Rebello, portrayed the sheriff's son. He said he had since seen the movie several times.

"When I first saw it, I didn't go in the water all summer," he recalled.