Less than two months after Indian Hill Market came up for sale, Stephen Bernier has signed a purchase and sales agreement with owners Howard and Susan Ulfelder.
Mr. Bernier is the owner of Cronig’s State Road Market in Tisbury. Papers for Indian Hill will pass March 31, he says.
“We’re not going to turn it into a gourmet food store,” says Mr. Bernier. “Its going to be an Up-Island Cronig’s.” Mr. Bernier is planning to keep it open seven days a week, as his predecessors have.
Although the principals will not disclose the actual price, Mr. Bernier notes that he will pay less than the advertised price of $950,000.
“I look forward to taking care of the up-Island community and reducing the traffic on lower State Road,” says Mr. Bernier.
“It’s not going to be a Stop and Shop. I’m getting together with town officials to find out what a sensible long-range plan would be for this property,” he says.
Mr. Bernier says he has been paying attention to the discussions at the Martha’s Vineyard Commission on land use and traffic problems. “I thought it was time to help out the community and I’m here to support the commission. I’ve put my actions where my mouth is.”
Indian Hill Market was built in North Tisbury in 1965 by Joseph and Mary Fererria. After Mr. Fererria’s death it was sold in 1980 to Joseph and Dale O’Hayer. The Ulfelders bought the market in 1988 when the O’Hayers put it up for sale. At the time of the purchase Mr. Ulfelder said, “Our feeling is that it was important to the up-Island community to have a place to shop. We were concerned the community would lose a resource.”
Mr. Bernier said this week that the purchase of Indian Hill Market does not mean he will abandon plans to enlarge Cronig’s State Road Market.