The proposed merger of the North Water Street Corporation with the Vineyard Historical Preservation Society moved several steps nearer at the annual North Water street stockholders and directors meeting yesterday.
Alfred Hall, as president, brought up the project as pending business from last year, and read a letter from a firm of attorneys bearing on the question of income tax credit for gifts of stock. Two appraisals of the North Water Street property were also presented. Copies of the legal opinion, the ails and status of the Preservation Society, and other relevant information will be distributed promptly to North Water street shareholders.
A vote by the Preservation Society on the acceptance of the stock is apparently the final remaining step. It is expected that those wishing to contribute their stock will deposit it at the Edgartown National Bank so that it can be conveyed in one transfer, excluding only any North Water street shareholders who do not want to participate.
The directors elected are: Henry Beetle Hough, Robert W. Kelley, Alexander O. Vietor, Alfred Hall, C. Stuart Avery, Mrs. A. Loring Rowe, Philip J. Norton Jr., E.J. Bliss Jr., Robert J. Carroll, Fairleigh S. Dickinson, Benjamin L. Hall, Mrs. Margaret R. Hufstader and Edward W. Vincent Jr.
Alfred Hall was re-elected president and Margaret R. Hufstader clerk.