Anything can happen at a T.C.D. concert - and it usually does. The three musicians, Timothy Maxwell, Charles Esposito and Duane Gieseman, have perfected a musical comedy act that keeps their audience breathlessly anticipating the next gig.

“Mr. Timothy Charles Duane” was in great form for their benefit concerts given last week to raise money for Martha’s Vineyard Arena Inc. Plenty of original music, a door prize drawing, the guest appearance of Santa, frequent costume changes and exuberant lighting effects made for a lively evening’s entertainment.

The concert’s beginning was rather subdued, concentrating on lyrical songs and some familiar routines. The trio’s dress tuxedo and tennis shoe costumes lent a serious note for the solo pieces, and an equally humorous one when the sang about “macaroni.” The high point of the first set was Timothy’s solo - an especially moving song written about a recent tragedy touching another member of the band.

The tuxedos gave way to dungarees (and worse) in the second half of the concert, which really came alive with the group’s true inventiveness and humor. Nothing musical was immune to outrageous treatment by the group, whether it was the crooning of Silent Night, electric hard rock, 1950s “be-bop” or ukulele honky-tonk.

T.C.D. did a little of all of the above. They were equally at home singing about local firemen, strange dreams, woofers and tweeters, dip-dip-dip-dip-dip-um-um-um-um-um, or blowing like the wind and howling like a dog.

The most dramatic moment of the evening occurred when Charles bounded on stage dressed in a black leotard with silver bug eyes and antenna, and the group launched into its “electric rock” number.

The greased ‘50s tunes were the biggest hits - the beat and conviction of the old songs had everyone’s feet stomping.

T.C.D.’s talent and showmanship gave young and old an evening to remember, as well as furthering the campaign to build the Island and ice rink.