To assure that the identity of the Vineyard’s Indians, their history, culture and tribal lands will be preserved, a Wampanoag Tribal Council of Gay Head was organized on Saturday, and Mrs. James R. Gentry elected its president.
In the past, there have been similar organizations in the town, but not for some years. Now, however, as a spokesman for the group explains it, the impact of ever-increasing numbers of summer people, legislation like the Kennedy Bill and the Wetlands Act that may affect Gay Head lands, and the introduction of zoning, might have an adverse effect on the community’s future. As a means of protection, the council has formed. It will hold its second meeting on Monday.
Officers elected, in addition to Mrs. Gentry, were Mrs. Jose Giles, vice president; Mrs. Walter Manning, treasurer; Miss Helen Attaquin, secretary.
Directors are Mrs. Donald Malonson, Mrs. James W. Manning, Walter Manning, Mrs. Adrian Haynes, Mrs. Leonard Widdis, Mrs. Milton Weissberg, and Alfred Vanderhoop. Mrs. Edith Vanderhoop will serve in any position as needed.
Donald Malonson continues as chief of the Gay Head Wampanoags, and Luther Madison as medicine man, taking the place of his father, Napoleon Madison, who is in poor health.