Kivie Kaplan, national president of the N.A.A.C.P., who was recently vacationing in Vineyard Haven, took off on July 29 for a five day trip to New Orleans for the association’s Louisiana summer project in which more than a hundred volunteers from all over the country, boys and girls, Negro and white, will work from one to five weeks, paying their own expenses. A few will come from other countries.

Mr. Kaplan writes that Watts, which he visited last month, is “almost like a garden city compared to these slums.” Public officials and police are cooperating in the project for voter registration, education, and implementation of the federal Civil Rights bill.

“I left beautiful Martha’s Vineyard about 70 degrees and found here 92 to 96 degrees,” Mr. Kaplan continued, “and humidity 94.7 to 97.7. It doesn’t cool off much in the evening. It is very uncomfortable, but it is refreshing to see the wonderful spirit of the volunteers and staff who realize the cause is the important thing.

“I hope our Martha’s Vineyard branch of the N.A.A.C.P. and our summer visitors will continue to help in the cause of the fight for justice.”