The Regional High School football season, which this year has not been the happiest of times, ended on a cheerful note Saturday, when the Vineyarders trounced the Nantucket team 28-0 on its own field. Defeat at the hands of the rival Islanders would have been the final disgrace for the Vineyard team, which has been plagued through most of the season by ties and defeats. But as it turned out, everything over there on that semi-blessed isle suddenly came up roses.

From the opening whistle of the game the Vineyard eleven demonstrated their superiority over the Nantucket High Whalers. Backs Wayne West, Hal Child, Bill Bassett and Denny daRosa were all in good form. The game was only 3 minutes old when Child sprinted 38 yards to the Nantucket 30. DaRosa, Vineyard quarterback, on a bootleg play carried the ball to the 12, and West carried over for the touchdown. Child's rush for the extra point failed.


Fumble Set It Up


Later in the first period a Nantucket fumble set up the second Vineyard touchdown. The ball was bouncing on the Nantucket 45 and was finally gathered in by a Vineyard linesman. On the first play West shot through the left side of the Whaler line to race 46 yards for a touchdown. Hal Child failed for the points after and the Vineyard held a 12-0 first half lead.

In the third period a punt by Nantucket's Glenn Santos into the wind bounced on the Nantucket 30. West and daRosa carried to the Nantucket 3 from where Child crashed over center for a score. Bassett rushed the 2 extra points.

The final Vineyard touchdown came late in the fourth quarter after the onrushing Vineyard linemen had blocked a Santos punt deep in Nantucket territory. DaRosa circled his right end and ran 30 yards for the final touchdown. Child plunged over for the points after.

Martha's Vineyard. Ends: DeBettencourt, Engley, Duarte. Tackles: Cecelio, Stone, Sylvia, Leighton. Guards: Trott, Norton, Enos. Center: Wilcox. Backs: West, Araujo, Bassett, daRosa, Niemiec, Child.

Nantucket. Ends: Viera, Roberts. Tackles: Nyles, Calman, Reinemo. Guards: Barrett, Yarmy, Harris. Center: Slosek. Backs: Cassano, Glidden, King, Santos, Wheeler, Eagon.

Touchdowns: West, 2; Child, daRosa. Points after touchdowns: Bassett 2 (rush), Child 2 (rush).

Referee, Manny Pena; umpire, Ron Bielicki; linesman, Ted Morgan, Time, four 10 minute periods.